Our periodontist may recommend laser gum treatments if you have periodontal disease. Using LANAP®, a powerful soft tissue laser, we can effectively treat gum disease and improve your oral health more quickly than ever before. Laser periodontal surgery works to eliminate bacteria and diseased tissue in your mouth, halting the spread of periodontal disease so that you can manage the condition and improve your oral health. Laser treatment also encourages the growth of healthy tissue following treatment to produce better long-term results for your health and smile.

Laser periodontal treatments are similar to traditional treatments but are completed with a laser. This makes your treatment faster, more comfortable and more effective. With laser periodontal treatments, you may not even need an anesthetic to remain comfortable during your procedure. Laser dentistry also eliminates the need for stitches, minimizes bleeding and decreases your risk of infection following your procedure.

When you visit Louisiana Dental Center, our skilled periodontist will examine your mouth to determine the severity of your gum disease and whether laser treatment is a good option for you. We welcome you to call our office today at 504-287-4467 to schedule your consultation and learn more about laser periodontal surgery in Kenner, Louisiana.